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Board of Directors

Position Name Email
I AM.    
Community Spiritual Director Mike Plasters twecsd@gmail.com
Assistant Spiritual Director Tommy Markham

Community Lay Director Marybeth Grambo twecld@gmail.com
Sponsorship/Registration Director
Finance Director/Treasurer Charlotte Carroll tweDirFinance@gmail.com
Gatherings Director Greg Reinhart tweCommunityGatherings@gmail.com
Music Director David Hammond tweMusicAudio@gmail.com
Weekends Director Bruce McConnaughey tweweekends@gmail.com
Records Director Mark Shiffett tweRecordsHistory@gmail.com
Outreach Director Preston Best tweoutreach@gmail.com
Continuity Director (training/reunion groups) Steve Maxey twecontinuity@gmail.com
Communications Director Bonnie Dailey twecommunication@gmail.com
Agape Director Penny Best tweagape1@gmail.com
Team Selection Director Penny Best tweteamselect@gmail.com
Chrysalis Community Lay Director Johnny Nelson nelsonjohn@cox.net
Prayer Request
Webmaster Preston Best twewebmaster@gmail.com
Tidewater Emmaus Address   P.O. Box 61485
Virginia Beach, VA 23466-1485

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